Random Thoughts: What goes through my head when I think of my teenage daughters

Status Update: I am tired.┬áIt is still very much in the minuses outside. This winter is never-ending, like the end of a Police song or a trilogy by Peter Jackson or an Oscar speech. We have all given up hope of ever seeing green grass again. Oh, and I am now officially the mother ofContinue reading “Random Thoughts: What goes through my head when I think of my teenage daughters”

The Old Hotel2Tango Goes the Way of the Dodo

J’s studio circa 2007. he let the riffraff in, obviously…. Remember this article in the March 6, 2012 issue of the Montreal Gazette? The one where they talk about how Mile End is “taking bold action to protect artists?” And yes. Here comes the irony, folks. A couple weeks after this article appeared, the artistsContinue reading “The Old Hotel2Tango Goes the Way of the Dodo”

Oh, If I had a Thomas A. Swift Electric Rifle

For all of view who receive this by email, click here to view this post in its natural habitat. I need a taser. I have been thinking about this for a long time, like almost a week now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that people would be more apt to come around to myContinue reading “Oh, If I had a Thomas A. Swift Electric Rifle”

3 things that causes petulance

And yes, it sort of feels like gas, but a lot more bilious.#1: Fashion these days Some years fashion and I just don’t get along. Usually, this just means that I shake my head at all the craziness and go my merry way. However this year, I have (gasp) been witness to the criminal presenceContinue reading “3 things that causes petulance”

To the people who run the Montreal trains

Dear AMT, I have a few questions for you. As someone who rides four trains a day and always pays her fare, I think I am entitled to some answers. So let’s start at the beginning shall we? SCHEDULESNow I realise I am on the reverse commute, but 3 hours between trains? Seriously? Now, IContinue reading “To the people who run the Montreal trains”

Original definition of nit picker:

One who picks nits. I am a nit picker. Let’s cut to the scene last night where I am on my haunches, my child between my legs, like some of our primate ancestors, combing through her hair with the lice comb and picking out nits with my fingers. Yes folks! School’s parting gift to us!Continue reading “Original definition of nit picker:”

Adulthood- what is it good for?

How do people do it? How do they manage to be so efficient and productive and… and… functional? What is the secret to being an adult?Is it closely guarded? Did I miss the initiation rite? Why can’t I cope with this world?These are questions I ask myself often. It is like the adult ship wasContinue reading “Adulthood- what is it good for?”