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Random Thoughts: What goes through my head when I think of my teenage daughters

Status Update: I am tired.┬áIt is still very much in the minuses outside. This winter is never-ending, like the end of a Police song or a trilogy by Peter Jackson or an Oscar speech. We have all given up hope … Continue reading

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The Old Hotel2Tango Goes the Way of the Dodo

J’s studio circa 2007. he let the riffraff in, obviously…. Remember this article in the March 6, 2012 issue of the Montreal Gazette? The one where they talk about how Mile End is “taking bold action to protect artists?” And … Continue reading

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Oh, If I had a Thomas A. Swift Electric Rifle

For all of view who receive this by email, click here to view this post in its natural habitat. I need a taser. I have been thinking about this for a long time, like almost a week now, and I’ve … Continue reading

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3 things that causes petulance

And yes, it sort of feels like gas, but a lot more bilious.#1: Fashion these days Some years fashion and I just don’t get along. Usually, this just means that I shake my head at all the craziness and go … Continue reading

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Safety Constipation

I know, I know. I am on a rampage here with this topic. But it is seriously beginning to bother me. Besides fascist parking ticket dude, a few incidents have made me sit down, grab a cup of joe and … Continue reading

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To the people who run the Montreal trains

Dear AMT, I have a few questions for you. As someone who rides four trains a day and always pays her fare, I think I am entitled to some answers. So let’s start at the beginning shall we? SCHEDULESNow I … Continue reading

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Just say no

It is the oddest thing. I will be at the reference desk, and a harried woman will come up to me and ask “I need books about maquettes.” My first thought is, okay, she is doing a project at work … Continue reading

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