What I Miss Most

I recently read Jo Walton’s Hugo award winning book, Among Others. Pause. Yes, it was that heady for me, that I need to put a lot of white space between that sentence in the next. Now I have talked about how there are some books that evoke a visceral reaction from me. They happen randomly,Continue reading “What I Miss Most”

What are you doing for your spring break?

That’s it. It’s official. My children are downright certifiable. Oh, yes, they put up a good front. They act like normal children. The don’t clean their rooms, they talk back, sometimes they don’t even do their homework. However, I now suspect that it was all a ploy to distract us. A sisterly conspiracy to hideContinue reading “What are you doing for your spring break?”

Overheard and Unbelievable

I read the Nanny Diaries a couple of years ago. Although it was a horribly written book (the movie was not much better), it stayed with me as my first introduction into the insane things people did to their kids in the name of education (or more like the insane orders parents give their nanniesContinue reading “Overheard and Unbelievable”

Fable #2-The sequel

The Smug HusbandAfter losing her wallet, the woman called her husband to tell him that she was stranded and could not pick up the kids from daycare. A short time later the husband stomped down into the children’s department followed by his wife. She was not crying anymore, but the expression on her face wasContinue reading “Fable #2-The sequel”