Free the children! Let them come home alone

We thought about it all last year. It is possible. I am sure they could do it. But a vague sense of fear and trepidation held us back. But what if…no matter that we couldn’t finish the sentence. It was still beyond the realm of possibility. The anxiety of parental backlash alone was enough toContinue reading “Free the children! Let them come home alone”

To the people who run the Montreal trains

Dear AMT, I have a few questions for you. As someone who rides four trains a day and always pays her fare, I think I am entitled to some answers. So let’s start at the beginning shall we? SCHEDULESNow I realise I am on the reverse commute, but 3 hours between trains? Seriously? Now, IContinue reading “To the people who run the Montreal trains”

Reason Why I Didn’t Sleep Last Night

And no, it wasn’t an interesting reason. I will give you one word: COMMUTE. There I said it. I am nervous as hell. I start a new job today, and this job entails a commute of probably 30- 45 minutes each way. Am I worried about my first day on the job? Heck no. ThatContinue reading “Reason Why I Didn’t Sleep Last Night”