Lentapoolasa 2009

I have never done Lent. Not because of any aversion to weird and wonderful self deprivation rituals (okay, maybe a little aversion), but mostly because, well, I don’t know. I never felt like it, I guess. Isn’t that the reason we don’t do many things- like become lawyers, or wash the dishes before they becomeContinue reading “Lentapoolasa 2009”

Adulthood- what is it good for?

How do people do it? How do they manage to be so efficient and productive and… and… functional? What is the secret to being an adult?Is it closely guarded? Did I miss the initiation rite? Why can’t I cope with this world?These are questions I ask myself often. It is like the adult ship wasContinue reading “Adulthood- what is it good for?”

I wanna be like Patti Smith when I grow up

I went to see the famous, the iconoclastic, the self-depracatingly funny Patti Smith the other night. And I want to be like her when I am sixty, thank you very much. Not the famous rock star part (I would have to quickly change careers right now, not to mention learn to play an instrument decently-Continue reading “I wanna be like Patti Smith when I grow up”