What I Miss Most

I recently read Jo Walton’s Hugo award winning book, Among Others. Pause. Yes, it was that heady for me, that I need to put a lot of white space between that sentence in the next. Now I have talked about how there are some books that evoke a visceral reaction from me. They happen randomly,Continue reading “What I Miss Most”

Tip on how to keep talking to your kid: Read What Your Kid is Reading

I thought I was the only one. Well no, I guess I hadn’t thought about it at all. And come to think of it, thinking you’re the only one of anything is pretty darn presumptuous, so I retract that first statement without actually retracting it otherwise I would have no way to begin this post…Continue reading “Tip on how to keep talking to your kid: Read What Your Kid is Reading”

Learning: A Messy Affair

Excuse the lack of posts these days- a perfect storm of lack of time, inclination and focus has caused me to be unusually silent. But there comes a time when even I begin to weird myself out and need to start spouting opinions whether they are fully formed or not. And this, dear readers, isContinue reading “Learning: A Messy Affair”

3 things that causes petulance

And yes, it sort of feels like gas, but a lot more bilious.#1: Fashion these days Some years fashion and I just don’t get along. Usually, this just means that I shake my head at all the craziness and go my merry way. However this year, I have (gasp) been witness to the criminal presenceContinue reading “3 things that causes petulance”