3 things that causes petulance

And yes, it sort of feels like gas, but a lot more bilious.#1: Fashion these days Some years fashion and I just don’t get along. Usually, this just means that I shake my head at all the craziness and go my merry way. However this year, I have (gasp) been witness to the criminal presenceContinue reading “3 things that causes petulance”

Parking Ticket Man: Concerned citizen or Mini-tyrant?

On Thursday last, my husband went to pick our daughters up from school. The youngest could not be found anywhere. After searching high and low, he finally found a friend of hers who told him she was in the bathroom crying. So, he made his way to the bathroom, announced himself and was let inContinue reading “Parking Ticket Man: Concerned citizen or Mini-tyrant?”

Banning the hoodie:Another way of overpolicing our children

I came across this article from School Library Journal the other day and was horrified. Here is an excerpt from this article: In October, school officials banned students at North Garland High School in Texas from wearing hooded sweatshirts, alleging that kids could use them to hide their faces from security cameras or to concealContinue reading “Banning the hoodie:Another way of overpolicing our children”