Adulthood- what is it good for?

How do people do it? How do they manage to be so efficient and productive and… and… functional? What is the secret to being an adult?Is it closely guarded? Did I miss the initiation rite? Why can’t I cope with this world?These are questions I ask myself often. It is like the adult ship wasContinue reading “Adulthood- what is it good for?”

Christina and me or how to bring some of the joy back

Watching my daughters these last couple of months with their feverish anticipation of birthdays and other extremely fun activities, I realised that I just don’t look forward to anything anymore. All of a sudden, I am feeling the weight of my 32 years.The awareness that I am indeed,okay, wait for it, an adult ( theContinue reading “Christina and me or how to bring some of the joy back”