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What do you mean, you’re leaving?

I think I have a problem with living too much on paper. Once, when I was in Grad school and my children were 6 and 4 years old respectively, I saw an empty space in my calendar. I had class … Continue reading

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Free the children! Let them come home alone

We thought about it all last year. It is possible. I am sure they could do it. But a vague sense of fear and trepidation held us back. But what if…no matter that we couldn’t finish the sentence. It was … Continue reading

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Manipulation Nation

So my daughter has been home sick for the last two days. It started on Sunday when she began complaining of a sore throat and a head ache and did indeed look very pale. She slept all day Monday and … Continue reading

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Safety Constipation

I know, I know. I am on a rampage here with this topic. But it is seriously beginning to bother me. Besides fascist parking ticket dude, a few incidents have made me sit down, grab a cup of joe and … Continue reading

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Parking Ticket Man: Concerned citizen or Mini-tyrant?

On Thursday last, my husband went to pick our daughters up from school. The youngest could not be found anywhere. After searching high and low, he finally found a friend of hers who told him she was in the bathroom … Continue reading

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Overheard and Unbelievable

I read the Nanny Diaries a couple of years ago. Although it was a horribly written book (the movie was not much better), it stayed with me as my first introduction into the insane things people did to their kids … Continue reading

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Disturbing Kiddie Trends and Why I don’t like Sleepovers

Last weekend we had two of our daughter’s friends sleep over at our place. Usually I wouldn’t do that, have to kids over at once, mainly because I hate sleepovers which force you to deal with the random whims of … Continue reading

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