Just say no

It is the oddest thing. I will be at the reference desk, and a harried woman will come up to me and ask “I need books about maquettes.”

My first thought is, okay, she is doing a project at work that requires some 3d presentation. Or, she is a housewife who is so bored she wants to create her own Lilliput. Or she is not using the same word that I am and means something completely different, which is almost always the case.

And yes, for the grand prize Bob, it is the third option. After a little probing, I discover that she is looking for books for her child’s science project. The kid has to make a mock up of a rocket ship. I gather the books for the child, who takes one look at them and returns to the comic book section. The mother sighs.

Mother-It is always the parents that have to do the research.
(She has a look of true martyrdom on her face. )

(I can’t help myself.)
Me- You don’t have to do it. It is not your homework.

Mother- But I do. Otherwise my daughter would leave it to the last minute and it wouldn’t be done properly and she won’t do well.

Me- Exactly. Then she will have to suffer the consequences. Maybe she’ll even learn
something. Like, not to leave things to the last minute.

She gives me a blank stare. The she sighs, turns away and shakes her head.

Mother-No, no…it is always the mother…

Another Joan of Arc sigh and she gathers the books and heads to the circ desk.

This scenario repeats itself almost daily. WTF? It drives me bonkers. Parents. STOP doing your children’s homework. Chances are, you already passed 3rd grade. You are not helping your child by doing everything for them. When did this become the norm? When did we become such petty micromanagers of every breath our children take?


Okay. I’m good, now. Just had to get that off my chest…

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