Weighing in on the Sick Lit Debate

The other day I was listening to CBC (as is my wont). The current was airing a segment on a new genre of YA lit dubbed “sick-lit.”  I listened with great interest; a new YA lit genre  I have not heard of? Why do tell! Imagine my disappointment (not to mention severe, itchy case ofContinue reading “Weighing in on the Sick Lit Debate”

Discipline, trust annd constant vigilance

I went to a special meeting for my daughter’s class last night. After a year’s hiatus from the school meeting hell I’ve decided that I can take it, that I am calmer, more mature. That I can deal with those bloody ^&&*%$^%$%#?! parents that just don’t know when to shut up. Okay, obviously, I haveContinue reading “Discipline, trust annd constant vigilance”

Overheard and Unbelievable

I read the Nanny Diaries a couple of years ago. Although it was a horribly written book (the movie was not much better), it stayed with me as my first introduction into the insane things people did to their kids in the name of education (or more like the insane orders parents give their nanniesContinue reading “Overheard and Unbelievable”