How to make your daughter cry

For those of you who get this in the mail, you can view this blog here. My daughters came home this week with a sheet of paper announcing that they had a “family homework”. This family homework was to look up information on biodiversity and think of two questions and then answer them (a flawedContinue reading “How to make your daughter cry”

Over-praising our children

The other day, I assisted a presentation given by my daughter at her school. The presentation was on rabbits and she had been working on it for months. Her partner in crime, one of her best friends, happened to be sick that day, so a nice young man stepped in and helped her out. IContinue reading “Over-praising our children”

Parental negligence?

It has been a few months since I have even opened my children’s agendas or signed anything from school. They don’t say anything and although I still occasionally ask as a matter of form if they have homework, I haven’t seen any for months. This is partly due to the fact that I get homeContinue reading “Parental negligence?”


Definition: according to Merriam-Webster, to express great joy, praise and thanks. And why am I shouting such joyful blessings from the rooftops people (yes, I am now with my laptop in our freezing rain encrusted climate yelling my thanks to the heavens)? Because I just got the first bulletin from my youngest daughter’s new teacher.Continue reading “Hallelujah!!!!!”

Less homework, more results

If you have been listening or reading the news recently, you will have heard of a study conducted by PISA (program for international student assessment) on the academic achievement level of 15 year olds all over the world. Despite the fact that Finland gives less homework than many other nations, they do not have manyContinue reading “Less homework, more results”

Ramming it down their throats

I question this approach. But before I begin, let us have some background. Here is a typical day for my oldest child. 6:45 am- wakes up. 7:00 am- Must be in the kitchen by this time, fully dressed, to make her own breakfast (usually cheerios- I think that instead of calling them baby kibble, babyContinue reading “Ramming it down their throats”

Black, for total failure as a parent

Colour coding, letter grades, number grades- it is all the same in the end, isn’t it? I mean whether you call it an F or 40% or colour code it Black for unsuccessful, it still means you fail, right? I hate school. I hate what it did to me as a kid and I hateContinue reading “Black, for total failure as a parent”

First Day of School-Painless?

The kids started school a week ago and to my eternal shock and consternation it seems to have been quite painless. Perhaps this is because each school year so far has brought some fun surprises. Year #1- Kindergarten: My daughter started her school career not knowing anybody as we had just moved across the country,Continue reading “First Day of School-Painless?”