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I am an Adult but I’m Not a Grown Up

I am an adult. I have kids, a job. I pay bills and do laundry and sign permission forms. If┬áthe hot water heater is broken, I have to call the plumber, buy a new one. If there are mice in … Continue reading

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What do you mean, you’re leaving?

I think I have a problem with living too much on paper. Once, when I was in Grad school and my children were 6 and 4 years old respectively, I saw an empty space in my calendar. I had class … Continue reading

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Parent Presence Required: Something has to give

I have come to a hard conclusion in these last couple of months. It has come after banging my head against the wall, lamenting my lack of time to devote to my writing. Predictably, this has only resulted in a … Continue reading

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"Mom, I’m going to the mall" and other tales of metamorphosis

My oldest has been going through a strange metamorphosis since the last week of August, the first week of school here in La Belle Province. Although it isn’t complete yet (these delicate matters take time) it is well under way. … Continue reading

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The Art of Ignoring your Child’s Displeasure

This past Christmas holiday, I spent two weeks at home with my family. We had nothing planned, nothing we had to do – in all it was the perfect vacation. And no, we didn’t get sick of each other or … Continue reading

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How much of living is just plain drudgery? This question was forefront in my mind as I, squeezed into my daughter’s desk, sat through another 2 hour meeting at the school. Now don’t get me wrong- this meeting was nowhere … Continue reading

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The Drudgery of Parenthood

When my friend, who has a 4 year old and a 1 year old told me she was planning to go have some rescue martinis with a couple of friends and wanted to know if I wanted to come along, … Continue reading

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