Campaign for leaving our kids alone

STOP! CEASE THE MADNESS! In a way, this is a sequel to my last post. I wrote about grooming- besides a daily shower a fresh pair of underwear and shirt and teeth brushing, I basically suck at it. But then I just read this article via Blogher (I am not sure how best to referenceContinue reading “Campaign for leaving our kids alone”

All she wants to do is dance

Tuesday night. Open class at my oldest’s ballet class. But let us back up shall we, to about 7:30 in the morning, at the height of the morning rush to get out of the house. She woke up in an emotionally volatile mood, biting our heads off when we told her to brush her teethContinue reading “All she wants to do is dance”

Back to Life, Back to reality

Yet during my astounding month long success as a person who actually writes, life continued in its usual harried way. Besides work and work and J’s work and more work and moving in and trying to finish the renovations on the house and unpacking and…..well, you get the picture, I had another parent teacher meetingContinue reading “Back to Life, Back to reality”

KO’d by 8:00 in the morning or How The Day Kicked My Ass

7:59 amA woman in her thirties pauses on the steps of the elementary school, her shoulders, slumped and her head drooping. It is only for a second, but if anyone was watching, they would recognise the posture of defeat. It was not yet 8:00 in the morning and already the day had won. 7:57 amTheContinue reading “KO’d by 8:00 in the morning or How The Day Kicked My Ass”

Is there a Blogger’s Anonymous (BA)?

I think I am developing a habit. I am not sure if it is a bad habit yet, but I think I know what I would be doing if I didn’t have kids and my time was my own. You will ask my what I did in the ten days my kids were gone. IContinue reading “Is there a Blogger’s Anonymous (BA)?”

Why I am a Wire Monkey Mama

This summer, while visiting some friends in Peterborough, I heard the story of the experiment involving baby monkeys. The monkeys were given a choice of a wire monkey that was hooked up to a milk supply and a plush one (I can’t remember if she was attached to a milk supply- hang on, maybe IContinue reading “Why I am a Wire Monkey Mama”

On advertising: Or how the devil shops at IKEA and probably dates Brooke Shields

I only really became susceptible to advertising after the birth of my daughters. Now this new found sensitivity manifested itself in two ways. The first was an obsession with the IKEA catalogue. If only I had the right storage compartments, the perfect sized plastic boxes for all of those oddly shaped toys I would beContinue reading “On advertising: Or how the devil shops at IKEA and probably dates Brooke Shields”