The Art of Ignoring your Child’s Displeasure

This past Christmas holiday, I spent two weeks at home with my family. We had nothing planned, nothing we had to do – in all it was the perfect vacation. And no, we didn’t get sick of each other or wish we could go back to school or work. No, we were not bored. AllContinue reading “The Art of Ignoring your Child’s Displeasure”

Tipping point

I think I might have reached it. Because not a lot has phased me this last week. After the plague and the pestilence (seriously- I am just waiting for the other two horsemen of the apocalypse to appear) I feel uncannily calm and cheerful. Witness yesterday, when my most useful things broke: 5:00 am- CoffeeContinue reading “Tipping point”

Psycho mama, qu’est-ce- que c’est?

Yesterday, my daughter and I went on our first bike ride together. She has just learned to ride, and we thought we would take the bikes to go the video store. It was supposed to be a fun time. An empowering time for her. After all, this was her first real big foray other thanContinue reading “Psycho mama, qu’est-ce- que c’est?”

A fistful of whiskey makes the medicine go down

I would like to say it was because of my super organizational skills, my calm demeanor and in the immortal words of Hansel (he’s so hot right now) from Zoolander, my ability to go Monk and pull my underwear out of my ass. But no. My favourite time of the year had crept up onContinue reading “A fistful of whiskey makes the medicine go down”

This week brought to you by Sucky Suckerton

So here is the question: When things are going well do you chalk it up to hard work, or do you believe that some cosmic force has been aligned just for you and that one single false move will smack it righ back out of alignment? ‘Cause I gotta tell you people, even if IContinue reading “This week brought to you by Sucky Suckerton”