"Mom, I’m going to the mall" and other tales of metamorphosis

My oldest has been going through a strange metamorphosis since the last week of August, the first week of school here in La Belle Province. Although it isn’t complete yet (these delicate matters take time) it is well under way. High school has been good to her so far. At least, the one she isContinue reading “"Mom, I’m going to the mall" and other tales of metamorphosis”

The Art of Ignoring your Child’s Displeasure

This past Christmas holiday, I spent two weeks at home with my family. We had nothing planned, nothing we had to do – in all it was the perfect vacation. And no, we didn’t get sick of each other or wish we could go back to school or work. No, we were not bored. AllContinue reading “The Art of Ignoring your Child’s Displeasure”