A Day in the Life: Stumps

It has been many months since I last posted anything on this blog and as always, the more time goes by without writing, the harder it is to actually get going again.So I used one of WordPress’s daily nudges to get myself started (the first time I’ve used them, but hey. Desperate times call forContinue reading “A Day in the Life: Stumps”

Making Friends with the Anvil: On Bearing Witness

I went to see Monumental by Holy Body Tattoo and Godspeed, You Black Emperor a couple of weeks ago. It was unbearable. Unbearable in the way Art with a capital A should be: a gut-wrenching reminder of the joy and suffering, the struggle and the weariness, the futile resistance and the final giving up, theContinue reading “Making Friends with the Anvil: On Bearing Witness”

I am an Adult but I’m Not a Grown Up

I am an adult. I have kids, a job. I pay bills and do laundry and sign permission forms. If┬áthe hot water heater is broken, I have to call the plumber, buy a new one. If there are mice in the house (and ugh, there are indeed mice in my house) I have to figureContinue reading “I am an Adult but I’m Not a Grown Up”

My Summer of Ceremony

Oh, it has been a while since I have last graced these pages with my inane commentary. But fear not oh 5 readers! I am back! At least until my coffee cup is drained, that is. At the beginning of summer, I spoke a little about ceremony in this post about my youngest’s graduation fromContinue reading “My Summer of Ceremony”

Post-Book Completion Grieving: A Review of Grossman’s The Magician King

Does this ever happen to you? You’re reading a book and it is holding your interest, but nothing too mind shattering. Until you get deeper into it and you feel something in yourself slowly changing. Call it a metamorphosis. Or a door opening. Or a blooming in a hitherto unfruitful garden in the mind. ImagineContinue reading “Post-Book Completion Grieving: A Review of Grossman’s The Magician King”

Parent Presence Required: Something has to give

I have come to a hard conclusion in these last couple of months. It has come after banging my head against the wall, lamenting my lack of time to devote to my writing. Predictably, this has only resulted in a large mental bruise (I wasn’t literally banging my head against the wall- I’m no masochist.)Continue reading “Parent Presence Required: Something has to give”

On Remembering my Child is not just a Mini Copy of Me

I phoned home before I left work. It was the shortened day of the week for the kids, and they would have been home for a while. I phoned to make sure all was alright, and whether I needed to pick anything up on my way home. My oldest daughter answered, saying everything was fine,Continue reading “On Remembering my Child is not just a Mini Copy of Me”

Ten Going on 20: experiencing the tween years

My head is spinning. No. More like a hive of bees have decided to take up residence inside my brain. Because, as you will know if you read this blog, I have got a 10 year old who seems to have grown up over night. Symptoms include: fashionable clothes, (actually, now that I think aboutContinue reading “Ten Going on 20: experiencing the tween years”