When the mice are away, the cats play

Now don’t get me wrong. I would way rather have my children home than not. But that does not mean that J and I have been sitting around the house pining away. No sirree. This is a sample of what we have been up to since our children decided to traipse off across the countryContinue reading “When the mice are away, the cats play”

What do you mean, you’re leaving?

I think I have a problem with living too much on paper. Once, when I was in Grad school and my children were 6 and 4 years old respectively, I saw an empty space in my calendar. I had class Monday to Friday morning, and my husband’s vernissage that night as well as an invitationContinue reading “What do you mean, you’re leaving?”

Vacations Are Good: Part III

The Bike path beside the drainage ditch where I would run. I was waiting for a drag race like in Grease or a good ol’ fashion Terminator truck chase but alas, it was empty and barren but for the reams of styrofoam take-out containers shored at the water level. Wednesday: Shopping on Melrose, Lunch atContinue reading “Vacations Are Good: Part III”

Vacations are Good: Part 1

What shameful negligence. It has been over a month since I have posted anything on this blog, and over two months since I’ve posted anything but book reviews. But March Break is over, I have dealt with the crappy bureaucracy one needs a couple of week days to deal with, and I have gained aContinue reading “Vacations are Good: Part 1”

Three New Things I Did on my Vacation

 1. I stood on my head. Okay, this is something I excelled at as a child. I even have this weird mercenary memory of making $5 on a bet at my own father’s funeral for standing on my head for more than a minute. But I haven’t stood on my head for over 25 years,Continue reading “Three New Things I Did on my Vacation”

The Business of Friends

Or businesses. One thing about growing up, is that when you go home, people are older. I know shocking. They have families. Careers. Some are teachers. Linguists. Chefs. And some have decided to be small business owners. Here is a highly selective (only the businesses of friends and family of moi need apply), deeply biased,Continue reading “The Business of Friends”

Lessons in Grace: Part II

We arrived in Victoria nearly a month ago. My mother picked us up from the airport and drove us directly to my sister’s new house. She had just moved in a few weeks before our visit and has a suite in her basement with three bedrooms, which she kindly consented to let us live thereContinue reading “Lessons in Grace: Part II”

Lessons in Grace: Part I

I have this ideal mode of behaviour in my head where I act kind and respectful to everybody I meet. Where I never say the wrong thing, or act petulantly when I have to do something I don’t want to do. Where I am never impatient, never short, never give in to anger. As youContinue reading “Lessons in Grace: Part I”

Random Thoughts on Going Home

On Pandora St. You can’t. Well you can, but the road back is overgrown and thorny, with many hidden potholes. Yep. That is about as much wisdom per coffee ratio that I have today. Which, of course, won’t stop me from spouting more un-wise random thoughts. It has been about a week and a halfContinue reading “Random Thoughts on Going Home”

Reflections on a cross-country train ride #3- Chicago to Montreal

Today is the first day of school for S and C so I guess it is high time I finish the trip posts. Combined with the need to prepare lunches again and think about a school uniform and forms to fill out, yesterday was an extremely wet and cold day, courtesy of the rear endContinue reading “Reflections on a cross-country train ride #3- Chicago to Montreal”