Manage your Expectations Shmexpectations

We have been avidly going through the TV series Breaking Bad these days, a show about an overqualified, and underpaid high school chem teacher who turns to making crystal meth in order to provide for his family when he is dead. One of the main characters gets shot and affects the nerves in his legs.Continue reading “Manage your Expectations Shmexpectations”

Parent Presence Required: Something has to give

I have come to a hard conclusion in these last couple of months. It has come after banging my head against the wall, lamenting my lack of time to devote to my writing. Predictably, this has only resulted in a large mental bruise (I wasn’t literally banging my head against the wall- I’m no masochist.)Continue reading “Parent Presence Required: Something has to give”

On insults that are not insults

Last week my daughter came home from school very upset. I hear. I wasn’t there. I was a at a conference. But thanks to the miracle of cellphones, I talked to my husband who filled me in. “She won’t tell me what’s wrong,” he said. So I decided to surprise her after her swimming lesson.Continue reading “On insults that are not insults”

On Remembering my Child is not just a Mini Copy of Me

I phoned home before I left work. It was the shortened day of the week for the kids, and they would have been home for a while. I phoned to make sure all was alright, and whether I needed to pick anything up on my way home. My oldest daughter answered, saying everything was fine,Continue reading “On Remembering my Child is not just a Mini Copy of Me”

The Art of Ignoring your Child’s Displeasure

This past Christmas holiday, I spent two weeks at home with my family. We had nothing planned, nothing we had to do – in all it was the perfect vacation. And no, we didn’t get sick of each other or wish we could go back to school or work. No, we were not bored. AllContinue reading “The Art of Ignoring your Child’s Displeasure”

Style: A Conversation

Okay. This is getting ridiculous. I haven’t posted for two weeks but I swear it isn’t because I have nothing to say. No. I always have something to say. More like I have too many things to talk about and my need to deal with only one issue per post, combined with June craziness andContinue reading “Style: A Conversation”

Breaking Up is Hard to do: Etiquette on Leaving Your Piano Teacher

This post is going to be chock full of lessons, so you might want to get your notepad and pen out and jot down a few notes for future reference. Nah. I’m just kidding. These lessons are probably the kind that only I needed to learn. You know- the ones where you feel like youContinue reading “Breaking Up is Hard to do: Etiquette on Leaving Your Piano Teacher”

Getting off the fence

Being a parent means that you have to get off that comfortable picket fence (the one with the white pickets impaling your ass) and choose a side. It starts as soon as you are pregnant.Doctor or midwife? Breast milk or formula? Cloth or disposable? Then, when they are babies and toddlers you have to decideContinue reading “Getting off the fence”

Who invented mistakes?

My daughter lied to me yesterday. Not only did she lie, she lied about money so that she could buy something she wanted. I, of, course, like any good super hero of a mother who has x-ray vision into their children’s soul, caught her out. I confronted her, confiscated what she had bought with herContinue reading “Who invented mistakes?”