I am an Adult but I’m Not a Grown Up

I am an adult. I have kids, a job. I pay bills and do laundry and sign permission forms. If the hot water heater is broken, I have to call the plumber, buy a new one. If there are mice in the house (and ugh, there are indeed mice in my house) I have to figureContinue reading “I am an Adult but I’m Not a Grown Up”

On Living longer than my Father

Numbers are funny. I am often shocked by them. They don’t have much meaning by themselves, but pack quite a punch when applied to our own lives.  I like to tally up the years since a certain event: 24 years since I have known my husband.  17 years since we’ve been together. 13 years sinceContinue reading “On Living longer than my Father”

The Perks of Being an Adult

…Or at least an older adult. I know, I know. My usual refrain is that adulthood sucks. Don’t get me wrong – it isn’t just paying the bills or having to work, or the general drudgery of having to do things you don’t really want to do for the better part of your day (likeContinue reading “The Perks of Being an Adult”

In Praise of Occasional Excess

Of course, you can’t plan these things. Or if you do, the occasion falls flat, seems more of a task of Herculean decadence rather than a natural need to worship at the fountain of Dionysus for a moment, to give rational decision making the night off and do things you don’t normally do. What amContinue reading “In Praise of Occasional Excess”

You know you’re an adult when…

1) You start craving green vegetables. 2) You like dark chocolate with dried fruit in it. 3) You know that amortization doesn’t mean a way of getting dead. 4)Like Bilbo Baggins, you constantly feel like butter scraped too thinly over bread (not a direct quote-too lazy to actually get one.) 5)You start having conversations withContinue reading “You know you’re an adult when…”