Manage your Expectations Shmexpectations

We have been avidly going through the TV series Breaking Bad these days, a show about an overqualified, and underpaid high school chem teacher who turns to making crystal meth in order to provide for his family when he is dead. One of the main characters gets shot and affects the nerves in his legs.Continue reading “Manage your Expectations Shmexpectations”

Parent Presence Required: Something has to give

I have come to a hard conclusion in these last couple of months. It has come after banging my head against the wall, lamenting my lack of time to devote to my writing. Predictably, this has only resulted in a large mental bruise (I wasn’t literally banging my head against the wall- I’m no masochist.)Continue reading “Parent Presence Required: Something has to give”

Principles Or Your Child: Choose one.

AAARGH. I think this has been the longest since I’ve written. Why? Because September went from 0 to 60 and October decided that wasn’t fast enough either. I am looking at a schedule where my daughters have activities 4 days a week after school and I seem to have at least two nights a weekContinue reading “Principles Or Your Child: Choose one.”

HIgh School Quest continued: Why am I doing this again?

I am sitting her looking at a blank box wondering what to say. Oh, yesterday I had plenty of ideas to write about, to rant, to muse and now I am sad I didn’t write them down. But I know that as soon as I did jot down a few notes, the ideas churning throughContinue reading “HIgh School Quest continued: Why am I doing this again?”

High School Hell Begins at Age 10

One rainy late August afternoon, after the kids and I had just emerged from the public pool, hair dripping and that kind of relaxed-tired that you get after a good swim, I ran into an acquaintance of ours that just happened to have a daughter the same age as my oldest. After all the nicetiesContinue reading “High School Hell Begins at Age 10”