Getting off the fence

Being a parent means that you have to get off that comfortable picket fence (the one with the white pickets impaling your ass) and choose a side. It starts as soon as you are pregnant.Doctor or midwife? Breast milk or formula? Cloth or disposable? Then, when they are babies and toddlers you have to decideContinue reading “Getting off the fence”

End of the Year Concerts in Review

The end of the school year always means one thing: the end of the year concert (dah dah dah duhhhhh- in case you need it spelled out for you- that was the ominous music being cued). Except, this year, it wasn’t so bad. And I say this was a cocktail of shock and bewilderment, asContinue reading “End of the Year Concerts in Review”

To force or not to force them to take piano, that is the question…

During Christmas vacation my daughter announced out of the blue that she no longer wanted to take piano. Now this came as a shock. I was under the (obviously deluded) impression that she was enjoying it . That she actually looked forward to practicing and going to her lesson. So, after I took a deepContinue reading “To force or not to force them to take piano, that is the question…”