How much of living is just plain drudgery? This question was forefront in my mind as I, squeezed into my daughter’s desk, sat through another 2 hour meeting at the school. Now don’t get me wrong- this meeting was nowhere near as painful as those of yesteryear. It involved a few students from my daughter’sContinue reading “Drudgery”

Discipline, trust annd constant vigilance

I went to a special meeting for my daughter’s class last night. After a year’s hiatus from the school meeting hell I’ve decided that I can take it, that I am calmer, more mature. That I can deal with those bloody ^&&*%$^%$%#?! parents that just don’t know when to shut up. Okay, obviously, I haveContinue reading “Discipline, trust annd constant vigilance”

Parental negligence?

It has been a few months since I have even opened my children’s agendas or signed anything from school. They don’t say anything and although I still occasionally ask as a matter of form if they have homework, I haven’t seen any for months. This is partly due to the fact that I get homeContinue reading “Parental negligence?”

I Solemnly Swear to be a Hands Off Parent

It is that time of year again, where the kids go back to school. And for the sake of my sanity and consequently my family’s sanity, I have made a few new school year resolutions for myself: 1) On pain of death, I will not volunteer for a parent committee. The cost of whiskey isContinue reading “I Solemnly Swear to be a Hands Off Parent”

It’s the end of the school year

One. last. week. of. school. Good. ‘Cause I’m done. I am not going to set up my little vegetable factory, where I get ten small tupperwear containers and stick a week’s worth of carrots , peppers and cucumbers in them just so that they get left to rot in a locker at school. I amContinue reading “It’s the end of the school year”

A fistful of whiskey makes the medicine go down

I would like to say it was because of my super organizational skills, my calm demeanor and in the immortal words of Hansel (he’s so hot right now) from Zoolander, my ability to go Monk and pull my underwear out of my ass. But no. My favourite time of the year had crept up onContinue reading “A fistful of whiskey makes the medicine go down”

Back to Life, Back to reality

Yet during my astounding month long success as a person who actually writes, life continued in its usual harried way. Besides work and work and J’s work and more work and moving in and trying to finish the renovations on the house and unpacking and…..well, you get the picture, I had another parent teacher meetingContinue reading “Back to Life, Back to reality”

Black, for total failure as a parent

Colour coding, letter grades, number grades- it is all the same in the end, isn’t it? I mean whether you call it an F or 40% or colour code it Black for unsuccessful, it still means you fail, right? I hate school. I hate what it did to me as a kid and I hateContinue reading “Black, for total failure as a parent”

I #$%#$%@ meetings

Meetings. Have you ever noticed that school meetings are mostly hours of sitting there going through photocopied sheets of information? Can someone please enlighten me as to the necessity of this tortuous process? WHY? I ask you, WHY? Why can’t we just email our questions like civilised human beings and save ourselves from four hourContinue reading “I #$%#$%@ meetings”