Library Fable #1

The kids and I recently read a selection of Aesop’s Fables and thought, hmm, what a wonderful way to be deliciously morally superior for a moment and create some witty little moral lessons of my own.

Library Fable #1

On a cold February day in Montreal, a young mother made her way to the large library in the middle of town. Although it was very cold outside, the library was warm and welcoming and soon she began to get very hot. She set her bag down and took off her parka, her hats, her gloves and her scarf and tucked them under her arm. This library was bigger than any she had ever seen. “I will just get some books to read to the children tonight,” she told herself. But the coat and the bag were heavy and she was tired. She then said to herself, “I will settle myself down at this table here, and then go get my books. That way I can look at them before I take them out and will not have to drag my belongings everywhere.” Indeed, this solution was convenient. She draped her coat over a small chair painted blue and placed her pack sac on a small chair painted yellow. She then went to the picture book section to select some books for her children. She took her time, relishing the minute she had alone and unencumbered. When she finally made her way back to the table it was with a large stack of books from which she would select a few to bring home.
When she got back, she noticed that her coat was on the floor and her sac was not in the same position she left it. Panic gripped her heart as she peered into her bag. Her wallet was gone, along with her bus pass and all of her important identification cards.

Lesson: Never ever let your guard down.
Lesson: Convenience at the expense of common sense leads to much inconvenience.
Lesson: People suck so don’t trust anybody.
Lesson: HEED the sign that says never leave your belongings alone. This is a PUBLIC library right across from the BUS STATION for the love of pete.

I can’t decide. It’s like my chess game. I can get through the whole match and create bloody havoc with my opponent’s team, but I just can’t seem to achieve checkmate. Feel free to leave your suggestions for moral lessons in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Library Fable #1

  1. You already said it: People suck so don’t trust nobody nohow notime.Common sense is an urban myth.I always enjoyed being at the library on a university campus when some idiot had their laptop stolen. “But I had to pee!” Sobbing 18 year olds calling daddy on their cellphone… made my day.

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