Fable #2-The sequel

The Smug Husband
After losing her wallet, the woman called her husband to tell him that she was stranded and could not pick up the kids from daycare. A short time later the husband stomped down into the children’s department followed by his wife. She was not crying anymore, but the expression on her face was that of a child who has just been reprimanded for something she already felt bad about. The husband continued to the reference desk, muttering to himself in his anger, “ I knew it, I knew it , you can’t be trusted…”
The woman followed meekly behind. He slammed the books on the counter and asked in an I- am- very- angry -so –you- better- tell- me- what- I –want- to- hear voice, what could be done about his wife’s card. The librarian told him that all had been done, that the only thing left to do was to go back upstairs and declare her card lost and get a new one. The angry husband muttered, “fine” and stomped back upstairs. Two minutes later a young boy approached the desk and handed the librarian a wallet he had just found on the stairs. It was the husband’s wallet. When he realized it was gone, the husband came running down stairs in a panic. The librarian gave him back his wallet, noticing that the sheepish expression had transferred to the husband’s face and that the woman hid a secret smile in her eyes.

Lesson- Let s/he who has never lost their wallet cast the first stone.
Lesson- If you treat your wife like shit bad things will happen to you.
Lesson-Smugness is usually rewarded with pain and misery.
Lesson-Don’t be an asshole or you’ll pay in karmic bad luck.

Well, you get the point….

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