A Personal Policy Brief on the State of my Reading

Background Since I could decipher the little swiggles on the page as words, I have identified as a reader. Reading was my thing, books my happy place and my comfort object, the thing I never left home without. I never felt too upset if I had to wait in line because I had a bookContinue reading “A Personal Policy Brief on the State of my Reading”

On the Illusion of Communication

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”- George Bernard Shaw I’ve always thought of myself as a good communicator. I thought I was doing awesome. I could string those sentences together like nobody’s business. I was sending out clear messages to the world! Yeah, right. That illusion heldContinue reading “On the Illusion of Communication”

On Reading The Bell Jar for the First Time

For my whole (sentient) life, I have been avoiding Sylvia Plath. I didn’t have any reason to avoid her. I liked the poems of her husband quite a bit (though, yes, I know. He was kind of an a-hole.) In fact, I liked that whole period of literature. But for some reason I could neverContinue reading “On Reading The Bell Jar for the First Time”

We Were Liars is Literary Crème Brulée

Remember that RomCom with Julia Roberts where she plays a food critic? (That is honestly all I can remember of it…) Oh! But I have the power of the Google! Ok, the movie was called My Best Friend’s Wedding and thank you wiki quotes for providing the exact dialogue: Julianne: … Okay, you’re Michael, you’reContinue reading “We Were Liars is Literary Crème Brulée”

Dear Ms. Moran: On Reading How To Be a Woman

Dear Ms. Moran, I think we should be friends. I know, I know. You probably have all of the female half of the British Empire clamouring to be your BFF, but for reals – we have a lot in common. Let me put forth my case for your perusal. An eerie number of personal dataContinue reading “Dear Ms. Moran: On Reading How To Be a Woman”

Lord of the Flies 25 years later

No, I’m not talking about its publication date, which was actually 60 years ago exactly, if the copyright date on my edition is correct. I am talking about the last time I read it: when I was 15-years old in my Grade 10 English class. Which is why I’m re-reading it – my eldest daughterContinue reading “Lord of the Flies 25 years later”

Thoughts on Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

 I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be female, a topic I have deftly avoided until now. I guess having two teenage daughters will do that to a gal.  Why are they so hesitant to put themselves out in the world? Why do they shy away from praise and well deservedContinue reading “Thoughts on Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg”

Sucker Literary 3 Cover Reveal!

So excited to have a story in the third Sucker anthology! Here is the beautiful cover: Sucker Literary is a platform for established and emerging, hugely intelligent writers who have the grit and talent to create compelling, authentic young adult literature that both adults and teens can enjoy. We are a literary enterprise dedicated to showcasingContinue reading “Sucker Literary 3 Cover Reveal!”

Book Review: Me, Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews

  Me, Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews Greg Gaines’ major talent is blending in. In fact, he’s made it a point for his whole high school career to not make any friends or enemies, but to surf through the different cliques and groups without drawing attention to himself. In private however, heContinue reading “Book Review: Me, Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews”

Book Review: The Imposter Bride

The Imposter Bride by Nancy Richler A young woman, traumatized from the events she witnessed in Europe, arrives in Montreal after the war. She is there to meet her  groom, whom she has never met before. But from the glimpse he has of her as she descends from the train, he decides he doesn’t want toContinue reading “Book Review: The Imposter Bride”