March Break: St. Adèle Chapter

Before March my break my friend sent me a link to a Dealfind at Le Chantecler, a fancy (by my standards, which admittedly, are not fancy at all) hotel in St. Adèle, a small town in the Laurentians. For $119, it included a room with two double beds, two adult ski lift tickets to aContinue reading “March Break: St. Adèle Chapter”

How to use the power of your mind to get chicken pox

Spring break was the first week of March this year. The Thursday before, the night before my daughter’s final ski day and their first day of vacation, I get home to find my youngest on her father’s lap complaining of a headache. We notice a spot on her forehead and I ask her to pullContinue reading “How to use the power of your mind to get chicken pox”

What are you doing for your spring break?

That’s it. It’s official. My children are downright certifiable. Oh, yes, they put up a good front. They act like normal children. The don’t clean their rooms, they talk back, sometimes they don’t even do their homework. However, I now suspect that it was all a ploy to distract us. A sisterly conspiracy to hideContinue reading “What are you doing for your spring break?”