What are you doing for your spring break?

That’s it. It’s official. My children are downright certifiable. Oh, yes, they put up a good front. They act like normal children. The don’t clean their rooms, they talk back, sometimes they don’t even do their homework. However, I now suspect that it was all a ploy to distract us. A sisterly conspiracy to hide the truth from their poor, dumb parents.

But I am on to them now. They made a fatal mistake. You see it is Spring Break, and instead of wanting to lounge around the house and do nothing, or go swimming, or to the movies or anything else that they might do that is not school, they want to come to work at the library with me.

My oldest daughter came with me on Monday. She got up at 6:30, got her bags packed and bundled up to take the train at just past seven. And I have never seen her so happy. The ladies at the library were extremely generous, letting her help with the various tasks. She helped me with a book display (she chose a graphic novel display for Spring Break) and helped me with my mother goose storytime (she read bits of the story and sang itsy bitsy spider with me). I am having board games and the wii set up everyday this week in the afternoons and she joined in the fun for most of the afternoon. She then devised a game with another library worker offspring where they took a booklist and tried to find all the books on it. If they couldn’t find it, they would look in the catalogue to see if it was out. (Honestly- it was brilliant!). Not once did she ask me if it was time to go. Not once did she get in my way. I actually had to tell her it was time to go home.

When we got home, she was on cloud nine, asking if she could come back the next day and the next. Now of course, her little sister wants to join in the fun, so both of them are coming with me to work today. Now, I ask you. Is this normal behaviour?

Lentapoosa update: So far so good. It has been a week where I have not indulged in what is basically a fourth meal after dinner. You know? Like the hobbits: breakfast, elevensies, lunch, teatime, dinner, supper….

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