Ten Going on 20: experiencing the tween years

My head is spinning. No. More like a hive of bees have decided to take up residence inside my brain. Because, as you will know if you read this blog, I have got a 10 year old who seems to have grown up over night.

Symptoms include:

  • fashionable clothes, (actually, now that I think about it- the fashionable clothes are not too far away from what I was wearing at that age: leggings with long shirts, flat shoes. Okay, there is a lot less neon or fake, paint splashy clothes, but besides that, just the same.)
  • an obsession with hair and accessories (she was showing me the earrings she was going to wear to camp today),
  • and increased annoyance with her little sister (my girls who hardly ever fight, are, gasp, snipping at each other.)

Also to be noted:

  • an increased need for privacy
  • much more time NOT being entertained by lowly parents
  • more time reading and ignoring us.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not sad about this. Just a little shell shocked. It seemed to happen so quickly. You know all those clichés where mothers say “they grew up over night!” or “they just shot up during the summer”? It’s all true. I believe, lord, I believe!

And it’s also true that the dilemmas are getting more complicated. Last Sunday, I ran into an acquaintance who has a daughter the same age. She mentioned that she was going to start going to the open houses this fall for high school as registration begins next fall and we need to know where to apply. The moment we got home, my daughter started looking up schools that might interest her. We now have a list of places we need to visit this in order to decide where she will be going to school in two years. High School. I shudder at the thought.

All this to say, that everything is fine and the way it has always been. She is good, going about her daily life, still interested in playing ball with me. But like everything everyday, the breeze of change is still shifting things forward and I have a feeling it will turn into a full fledged wind soon.

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