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A Day in the Life: Stumps

It has been many months since I last posted anything on this blog and as always, the more time goes by without writing, the harder it is to actually get going again.So I used one of WordPress’s daily nudges to … Continue reading

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Learning: A Messy Affair

Excuse the lack of posts these days- a perfect storm of lack of time, inclination and focus has caused me to be unusually silent. But there comes a time when even I begin to weird myself out and need to … Continue reading

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Discipline, trust annd constant vigilance

I went to a special meeting for my daughter’s class last night. After a year’s hiatus from the school meeting hell I’ve decided that I can take it, that I am calmer, more mature. That I can deal with those … Continue reading

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To force or not to force them to take piano, that is the question…

During Christmas vacation my daughter announced out of the blue that she no longer wanted to take piano. Now this came as a shock. I was under the (obviously deluded) impression that she was enjoying it . That she actually … Continue reading

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Vampires, Politics and Millenials=conservatism?

I know what you’re thinking. Someone’s been sucking a little too hard and fast on the whiskey bottle. But I swear, no. Really. Just hear me out, for crying out loud! I just finished Breaking Dawn , the fourth book … Continue reading

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The Lord Jim School of Parenting

Have you ever read Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad? No? Well, you should. I read it years ago and I still think of it. The aspect of the novel that haunts me so much is Jim’s reaction when he is … Continue reading

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Obssessive? Me?

It is always funny how other people’s perceptions of you contrast with your own sense of self. I had a conversation with a friend recently where this was well highlighted: Me-I could never be as in to something as a … Continue reading

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