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On Turning 40

Yep. The Big 40. I just did a quick google search for articles and blog posts with the same title as mine and it seems that opinions on the matter are divided- either people are super psyched about it or, … Continue reading

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On Living longer than my Father

Numbers are funny. I am often shocked by them. They don’t have much meaning by themselves, but pack quite a punch when applied to our own lives.  I like to tally up the years since a certain event: 24 years … Continue reading

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Musings on turning 35

I am going to be 35 years old tomorrow. 35. Thirty-Five. Trente-cinq ans. This is the first year where my age feels like a canker sore in my mouth. It stings when I run my tongue over it, but I … Continue reading

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Birthday Vows!

I recently turned 33 this last Sunday, and if you hail from a christian background, you will note that I have now entered my Jesus year. Not that that means anything, but it does provide a conversation starter as well … Continue reading

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