Post-Book Completion Grieving: A Review of Grossman’s The Magician King

Does this ever happen to you? You’re reading a book and it is holding your interest, but nothing too mind shattering. Until you get deeper into it and you feel something in yourself slowly changing. Call it a metamorphosis. Or a door opening. Or a blooming in a hitherto unfruitful garden in the mind. ImagineContinue reading “Post-Book Completion Grieving: A Review of Grossman’s The Magician King”

Manage your Expectations Shmexpectations

We have been avidly going through the TV series Breaking Bad these days, a show about an overqualified, and underpaid high school chem teacher who turns to making crystal meth in order to provide for his family when he is dead. One of the main characters gets shot and affects the nerves in his legs.Continue reading “Manage your Expectations Shmexpectations”