Discipline, trust annd constant vigilance

I went to a special meeting for my daughter’s class last night. After a year’s hiatus from the school meeting hell I’ve decided that I can take it, that I am calmer, more mature. That I can deal with those bloody ^&&*%$^%$%#?! parents that just don’t know when to shut up. Okay, obviously, I haveContinue reading “Discipline, trust annd constant vigilance”

Lentapoolasa 2009

I have never done Lent. Not because of any aversion to weird and wonderful self deprivation rituals (okay, maybe a little aversion), but mostly because, well, I don’t know. I never felt like it, I guess. Isn’t that the reason we don’t do many things- like become lawyers, or wash the dishes before they becomeContinue reading “Lentapoolasa 2009”

A dab o’ separation

My nephew has been staying with us for a couple of weeks now, and is staying for a couple more. He is my youngest daughter’s age, and a little fireball of a kid. On most days, the girls and him get along famously. But after fourteen days straight of being together, well, let’s just sayContinue reading “A dab o’ separation”

Daughter sues dad for disciplining

WTF? A twelve year old girl sued her dad for grounding her and won. And this was not one of those things where she spilled some milk and he forbade her to ever leave the house again, damning her to an eternity of Cinderella-like slavery and forced confinement. No. The girl, and let me stressContinue reading “Daughter sues dad for disciplining”

Who invented mistakes?

My daughter lied to me yesterday. Not only did she lie, she lied about money so that she could buy something she wanted. I, of, course, like any good super hero of a mother who has x-ray vision into their children’s soul, caught her out. I confronted her, confiscated what she had bought with herContinue reading “Who invented mistakes?”