On my Toxic Relationship to Time

I was listening to the On Being podcast the other day and I heard a phrase that struck me the way a mallet hits a gong. It was one of the last interviews the poet and philosopher, John O’Donohue, gave before his untimely death in 2008. It is worth listening to and then listening toContinue reading “On my Toxic Relationship to Time”

Reason Why I Didn’t Sleep Last Night

And no, it wasn’t an interesting reason. I will give you one word: COMMUTE. There I said it. I am nervous as hell. I start a new job today, and this job entails a commute of probably 30- 45 minutes each way. Am I worried about my first day on the job? Heck no. ThatContinue reading “Reason Why I Didn’t Sleep Last Night”

Tax man and phone-in radio shows

Taxes Yesterday we went to do our taxes. Since we’ve been in Montreal, every year we go see the same people- a mega chain that charges an arm and a leg and that hires incompetent eggplants who do not give a shit about you. They shall remain nameless, but there logo has a lot ofContinue reading “Tax man and phone-in radio shows”

SAFE-reasonable requirement or obsession?

I just read this post a friend just sent me from a website called Free Range Kids. And it seemed a propos somehow. This whole issue about time and overscheduling and the need to have every minute of the day accounted for in our children’s life is a little obsessive, not to mention psychotic. TheContinue reading “SAFE-reasonable requirement or obsession?”

Time: if you can’t beat it, join it?

I just read this book called The New Policeman by Kate Thompson. It is a children’s novel that speaks about our modern plague: the chronic lack of time. In the story, a mother asks for some time for her birthday- not the special, one off, vacation kind, but the everyday, run of the mill timeContinue reading “Time: if you can’t beat it, join it?”