On Being a Revolutionary Turtle

[I wrote this over a week ago. Since then I have joined in the casseroles almost every night going on two weeks. The talks between students and government have broken down.] Kitchen casualties of the Casserole protest It is hard for me to make noise. I have spent a lifetime trying to take up asContinue reading “On Being a Revolutionary Turtle”

The Political education of our children: some thoughts on Something Fierce

I recently read the 2012 Canada Reads selection, SomethingFierce: Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter by Carmen Aguirre and it got me thinking about my own politics. And consequently,  the job I am doing instilling a political consciousness in my own children. If you haven’t read it, you should. It is a riveting, eye-opening revelation ofContinue reading “The Political education of our children: some thoughts on Something Fierce”

The Niqab: Pushing the Wall Back on My Cultural Limitations

It’s hard when you smash into the wall of you’re cultural limitations. This head-on, concussion-giving mental collision is occurring in me as we speak, with the proposed Bill 94 which would ban any sort of face coverings in any government building (including schools) in Quebec. Now usually, I wouldn’t feel so conflicted. I am aContinue reading “The Niqab: Pushing the Wall Back on My Cultural Limitations”

Vampires, Politics and Millenials=conservatism?

I know what you’re thinking. Someone’s been sucking a little too hard and fast on the whiskey bottle. But I swear, no. Really. Just hear me out, for crying out loud! I just finished Breaking Dawn , the fourth book in the Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga. Now I’ve written about this series before, back inContinue reading “Vampires, Politics and Millenials=conservatism?”