Disturbing Kiddie Trends and Why I don’t like Sleepovers

Last weekend we had two of our daughter’s friends sleep over at our place. Usually I wouldn’t do that, have to kids over at once, mainly because I hate sleepovers which force you to deal with the random whims of other people’s kids. But it just so happened that two of our friends were inContinue reading “Disturbing Kiddie Trends and Why I don’t like Sleepovers”

The Lord Jim School of Parenting

Have you ever read Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad? No? Well, you should. I read it years ago and I still think of it. The aspect of the novel that haunts me so much is Jim’s reaction when he is finally faced with a situation where he must act in an honourable way regardless ofContinue reading “The Lord Jim School of Parenting”

They’re home!

On Tuesday evening, if you had been on our street, you would have seen a woman dressed in jeans jumping up and down and waving at a rental car as it tried to park. A second later, you would have seen that same woman literally wrapped around with children. My kids are home folks, andContinue reading “They’re home!”