Ramming it down their throats

I question this approach.

But before I begin, let us have some background. Here is a typical day for my oldest child.

6:45 am- wakes up.

7:00 am- Must be in the kitchen by this time, fully dressed, to make her own breakfast (usually cheerios- I think that instead of calling them baby kibble, baby heroine might be more appropriate).

7:10 am- If all goes well, she will have a few minutes to practise her piano. Usually not.

7:20 am-Teeth brushing, etc.

7:35 am- Everybody needs to be out the door and in the car for the unpredictable commute to school and work.

7:57 am- bell rings.

8:00- 3:20- SCHOOL. Where I really have no idea what goes on. They do projects (the only thing that really interests her) have French, math, English, music, gym, social sciences, general assemblies, etc. Although I am not up on the details, I am pretty sure it is a full day.

3:20-5:30- Out of school care. Where again they have outings and sometimes special activities. For instance, my daughter came home with a pillow last night that she had sowed herself.

Monday nights (4:00- 5:00)- extra homework help

Tuesday nights (4:00-5:00)- extra homework help

Tuesday nights (6:00-7:30)- ballet class.

Thursday nights (4:00-5:00)- piano lessons

18:00- approximate time we get home. More homework has to be done. Usually this consists of an adult trying to get her motivated to think, drill sergeant like. At this point she is too tired and takes offense at anything you say. Usually ends up in tears and a puddle under her feet that used to be her self confidence.

18:45- Give up on homework and have dinner.

19:00- bath (if we are home and have time)

19:30- reading

20:00- bed (if we’re lucky.)

This is her week. She is tired and fed up and is confronted all day long with dull, dreary tasks that she does not want to do. And homework time comes, usually around six o’clock, when she is exhausted and bored. Well, I give up. I am not going to do it anymore. She is not learning anything anyways, so why should I try to ram this down her throat when each answer is like pulling teeth and she forgets it the moment that you tell it to her? Why? It makes no sense.

Part of the problem is that she does not WANT to learn it. It doesn’t interest her so she makes no effort. I know this is the case because in the individual projects that she gets to choose for herself, she starts them early and does her research thoroughly. For example the Titanic. She is learning about world history, about the physics involved in sinking, about measures (the length of the Titanic comparedto other boats that size), etc. This is exactly how I pictured my children’s education: self led and learning by mistake….

3 thoughts on “Ramming it down their throats

  1. I am curious to know what sort of facist piano teacher the wee one is seeing. 60 minute piano lessions for a beginner? No, no, no. Pas necessaire.30 minutes is more than enough to drive a beginner insane.Her schedule is more demanding than mine, and I’m allowed to drink and do drugs to ease the pain. You need me to come over and start shooting smack into those tender veins? (yours, hers…)–fp

  2. FUCK HOMEWORK. I’m with you. I let Big Kid bow out of it somewhere around grade 3. I dug my heels in with the teachers. And I didn’t care if she did crappy on a test. High school is more demanding but they’re older and can deal. Just thinking about homework makes me hurl.

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