Definition: according to Merriam-Webster, to express great joy, praise and thanks.

And why am I shouting such joyful blessings from the rooftops people (yes, I am now with my laptop in our freezing rain encrusted climate yelling my thanks to the heavens)?

Because I just got the first bulletin from my youngest daughter’s new teacher. And guess what? She does not believe in homework! I feel like I died and went to common sense heaven after reading her notes. All she asks, is that our children read 15 minutes a day.

I can do that. My daughter can do that. She can even do that with pleasure.

The teacher goes on to cite studies that have proven that kids who read a have an easier time understanding math problems. And that kids with high vocabularies learned them by…reading.

Of course, she is only a replacement teacher. She will be gone by spring break.

He (whoever he/it/she/us is) sure does giveth and taketh away at a quantum rate…

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