Three New Things I Did on my Vacation

 1. I stood on my head. Okay, this is something I excelled at as a child. I even have this weird mercenary memory of making $5 on a bet at my own father’s funeral for standing on my head for more than a minute. But I haven’t stood on my head for over 25 years, so I think it counts as a new thing.

Did I like it? Not so much. The reason I was standing on my head (no, it wasn’t another $5 bet) was because I tagged along on my sister’s workout with her trainer (that sounds fancier than it is – they barter services). Twice a week they drive to a beach and do a bunch of crazy (in my opinion, but then anything but running seems a little crazy) exercises.  Phrases like lymphatic drainage are bandied about. Weird breathing, the kind you equate with boxers, was tried- in my case, not successfully.

We happened to be on Dallas road for this particular workout, on a ledge half way down the stairs to the beach. We used the wall to lever ourselves up (honestly, just sticking my posterior so blatantly in the air in a public space was frightening enough for me. Were my pantylines showing? What if I was ruining the view for some early morning dog walker?). I also used it to rest my feet as I was too scared to let go.

The trainer told me the reason for the head standing is that it helps to balance your stress. The way it does that is by shocking your system. Now, I like the analogy of standing on your head- a new perspective to shock the system. But in reality it FREAKED the hell out of me. Once on my head I could not see the ledge anymore. It was just ocean and sky and they were IN THE WRONG PLACE!
I toughed it out for the time I was supposed to stand on my head because I’m no quitter (and I don’t want to look like a scaredy cat) but I am not sure if it helped de-stress me- in fact quite the opposite. I needed to run home after that in order to stop the flow of adrenaline to my brain.

2. I got a pedicure!

The lady is scraping my foot. I don’t envy her.
I chose a deep red nail polish, and for weeks after would be mesmerised by my toes. The only thing that was a tad disconcerting was the feeling of being a rich white lady being served literally hand and foot by Asian ladies. It felt a little too decadent, so I have determined to make this an annual tradition with my sister. One a year is not decadent is it? 
Don’t answer that.
3. Tree Adventure!
On the last day of our trip to Victoria, we took the kids to Wild Play, a series of obstacles high in the trees. Once we learned how to use the harness and hooks safely and successfully accomplished the practice course, we started the course. Sometimes we ziplined between trees, hitting the cushion on the narrow platform with a thud. Sometimes we had to make our way across on ever shifting swings, or ropes.
It most definitely took me out of my comfort zone. My nephew, who isn’t so sure about roller coasters, totally rocked the course. I think he might be part mountain goat. My daughters got scared, but pushed through it, which made me very proud.

It was also really fun.

Kids on the practice run

Thus concludes our trip to Victoria.

Up next: I have no idea.You will just have to wait and see.

3 thoughts on “Three New Things I Did on my Vacation

  1. I have the same feeling about pedicures–but am equally mesmerized by my red toenails and smooth feet the (very) few times I've had one. I'm thinking that those of us who have partners able to wield a paint brush should be able to get the red nails done at home. Whadda ya think? Might end up having to scrape the feet yourself.

  2. it took 40 years for me to have a pedicure and i now go religiously every 6 weeks – studio nails on st laurent. why wait a year???

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