Vacations Are Good: Part III

The Bike path beside the drainage ditch where I would run. I was waiting for a drag race like in Grease or a good ol’ fashion Terminator truck chase but alas, it was empty and barren but for the reams of styrofoam take-out containers shored at the water level.


Wednesday: Shopping on Melrose, Lunch at the Farmer’s Market, Celebrity Spotting at the Grove and the Griffith Observatory!

The girls shopping on Melrose. It was a bribe to make them come to the museums without whining.


Oh wait. I’m in that photo. I wasn’t shopping. I swear.


We interrupt our day for: baby shot!


I think she was pooing…

Farmer’s market for lunch:



We also took a stroll through the Grove shopping area where we had our one and only celebrity spotting of the trip. Jeff Goldblum, looking mighty dapper in his spring rags with a lil’ filly on his arm.

Then to the Griffith Observatory!


This is where the famous scene in Rebel Without a Cause was filmed. But way cooler than that was the Foucault’s pendulum and the, wait for it…


Tesla coil!!!!![insert mad scientist laugh here]

Then a nice hike through the hills before dusk. Jeff and I discovered we were wearing Hollywood Hills camo.



Thursday: Venice Beach again but with friends:




Had to use this shot of Sylvie’s awesome new skirt. She was the talk of the town on Abbott Kinney. Many compliments for her superior fashion sense.

and the Museum of Jurassic Technology. I don’t have a photo of this crazy little museum, but if you are ever in L.A., I would plan to go. It is in an old building on Venice Blvd in Culver City and showcases outdated and obscure ideas, theories and scientific trends. From the bat who could fly through solid objects (not really) to the micromosaics, the exhibitions are a testament to human thought and innovation, even if some of the ideas were crazy and quickly disproven. But you know what ol’ Edison liked to say about the 100 ways not to make a lightbulb…

Friday: The Getty Centre

A day spent looking at art.



Saturday: Downtown L.A.

The Walt Disney concert hall, designed by Frank Gehry:


Family portrait courtesy of Frank Gehry:


We also had lunch at the Grand Central Market, where we got the most bang for our buck in terms of deliciousness and quantity. Also a trip to the MOCA and to El Pueblo (the original settlement of L.A.), Union Station and China Town. It was a big day!

Sunday: Other sister comes!

Having a drink by the pool in their fancy hotel:


Cousins all together (+ Claude):


Monday: Santa Monica and Venice Beach again with the cousins!


Tuesday: Time to say Goodbye.

I tried to take the baby with me but my sister noticed.



Sisters all together:

A little four hour detour through Death Valley on our way back to Las Vegas:





Wednesday morning:

One last look at the strip before the plane:





Thus concludes our March break adventures.


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