When the mice are away, the cats play

Now don’t get me wrong. I would way rather have my children home than not. But that does not mean that J and I have been sitting around the house pining away. No sirree.

This is a sample of what we have been up to since our children decided to traipse off across the country without us.



Eating Regina’s pizza at the market at the Quincey Market


We didn’t. Climb on the guns, that is. At least not on the USS Constitution.


Then we climbed the 294 steps of Bunker Hill. Inside it looked a lot less like this walkway to the heavens and more like the long road up to Rapunzel’s lair.

Then we stopped for a beer at the Warren tavern, one of the oldest tavern’s in America. Paul Revere used to drink here, yo. We had a good beer and delicious curry fries, a delicacy I am sure they were not serving back in 1780…

Photo taken at the train station to send to our children to show them how much we were not missing them.

And, we went to see a baseball game at Fenway park! Red Sox against the Blue Jays- very exciting!


This is for my mom, an avid Neil Diamond fan:

Squishing cars with my toes on the way home:


The Drunken Quarterly: Research

This is an ongoing project with our friends Penny and Jeff, featuring Penny’s inventive cocktails. Look for a copy in a ….well, I don’t know. In our living rooms probably.

This one is called La Deneuve:


Luckily Jeremy is in charge of the visuals, because this photo does not do the cocktail justice…

Cucina e Opera

One Sunday a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting on our front porch after a run and our upstairs neighbour, Davide, was leaving. He was going to prepare for his event that night- Cucina e Opera. As a chef and an opera singer, he prepares a meal from a region in Italy and then sings songs from that region between courses. he asked me if J and I wanted to come as his guests.

Hell, yes! I said.

IMG_0321 IMG_0325

Honestly, so much fun. Davide and his wife Kate (not only an awesome taxidermist artist, but quite the chanteuse herself) are like the Sonny and Cher of Opera. If you ever have a chance to attend one, I highly recommend it.

Here is a video of their new musical project, Opera Bazzali:


Last weekend we headed out to our friend Penny and Jeff’s cabin where we got up to many shenanigans, some I cannot mention on this blog for fear of embarrassing my children.

However, one of the shenanigans we got up to was burning the old Christmas tree on the lake.


Then on Monday we went to see this amazing band:

Chills. I had chills. And a bit of an existential crisis. Which is what music is supposed to do really- am I living at the right intensity? Has some part of me given up?

Good questions to ask periodically. The music of these young people made me ask them.

Bike Ride

And yesterday we went for a long bike ride to L’Ile de la Visitation.

bikeride bikeride1

See? See how much fun we have? Except I keep thinking about how much our little mice would have enjoyed it too…

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