Dear Bernadette: A review, kind of.

Dear Ms. Bernadette Fox, First thing’s first. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking Does this woman realise I am a fictional character? Yes? Do she care? No. I have been talking to fictional characters ever since I read The Catcher in the Rye at the age of 13 and found Holden CaulfieldContinue reading “Dear Bernadette: A review, kind of.”

Three New Things I Did on my Vacation

¬†1. I stood on my head. Okay, this is something I excelled at as a child. I even have this weird mercenary memory of making $5 on a bet at my own father’s funeral for standing on my head for more than a minute. But I haven’t stood on my head for over 25 years,Continue reading “Three New Things I Did on my Vacation”

The Business of Friends

Or businesses. One thing about growing up, is that when you go home, people are older. I know shocking. They have families. Careers. Some are teachers. Linguists. Chefs. And some have decided to be small business owners. Here is a highly selective (only the businesses of friends and family of moi need apply), deeply biased,Continue reading “The Business of Friends”

Lessons in Grace: Part I

I have this ideal mode of behaviour in my head where I act kind and respectful to everybody I meet. Where I never say the wrong thing, or act petulantly when I have to do something I don’t want to do. Where I am never impatient, never short, never give in to anger. As youContinue reading “Lessons in Grace: Part I”

Random Thoughts on Going Home

On Pandora St. You can’t. Well you can, but the road back is overgrown and thorny, with many hidden potholes. Yep. That is about as much wisdom per coffee ratio that I have today. Which, of course, won’t stop me from spouting more un-wise random thoughts. It has been about a week and a halfContinue reading “Random Thoughts on Going Home”

Reflections on my trip to Victoria

¬†July 19th, on the eve of leaving Victoria. I don’t think I have the constitution for visiting. My stomach is in knots and the copious amounts of alcohol imbibed in these social calls is beginning to pickle my insides. I am sure I am turning a distinct shade of green. And that would be myContinue reading “Reflections on my trip to Victoria”