It’s the end of the school year

One. last. week. of. school.

Good. ‘Cause I’m done. I am not going to set up my little vegetable factory, where I get ten small tupperwear containers and stick a week’s worth of carrots , peppers and cucumbers in them just so that they get left to rot in a locker at school. I am not going to try and give them a hot meal (which actually might be cruel in this weather) or make something new everyday. Nope. Yesterday, I let my daughter go wild in the grocery store. She could get all the snacks I’ve refused her over the school year. Trans fats? Yessir. Disgusting multi-coloured yogurt balls? Yessir (these ones were particularly painful- I think there was only sugar, glucose-fructose and derivations of oil in them. The yogurt thing was a total mystery.) Pudding? You bet! So to celebrate this week, this last week, my daughters will be loading up on crap. Because I am out of time, ideas and inclination to make their lunch healthy.

On that note, last week and the week before were the last school meetings of the year. I am proud to say that I have finally found my peace with them. How? Well, I simply don’t go. I am sure this arrangement suits all concerned. Nobody has to see my surly face and I don’t have to listen to hyperparenting on a mob scale. That is the benefit and advantage of being an adult, I just realised. They can’t make me go. They’re not the boss of me!

So here’s to the last week of school and to a summer of no plans! Let them be free, I say.

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