Daughter sues dad for disciplining

WTF? A twelve year old girl sued her dad for grounding her and won. And this was not one of those things where she spilled some milk and he forbade her to ever leave the house again, damning her to an eternity of Cinderella-like slavery and forced confinement. No. The girl, and let me stress this point, 12 years old, was posting photos on a dating site. The father had a bit of an issue with that.

I would have a bit of an issue with that. He told her not to. She did it anyway. He grounded her. She said, screw this, I’m going to manipulate the situation between you and mom (divorced) and go live with her. Which she did. The thing ended up in court, where the crazy-assed judge says that the punishment, to forego a field trip into Montreal, was unreasonable. Unreasonable? WTF? The judge said the girl had already been punished. They don’t say how.

I am praying there is more to this story than this. Because the way it looks now, any kid who doesn’t like what their parents do to keep them in line and safe until their brains grow some rational thinking (which is every kid) will be taking their parents to court to sue. And how does this involve the law in anyway, except for the fact that a twelve year old girl is manipulating the court and her parents custody agreement to have her own way?

Again, WTF?

One thought on “Daughter sues dad for disciplining

  1. I think there is a history of Quebec judges making all sorts of racist & misogynist remarks/decisions. Of course I cannot find the story, but I distinctly remember a female judge saying something along the lines of some women deserving to be raped if they dress/act a certain way….? (Quite a few years ago – I remember reading about it while I was still living in Alberta and thinking ‘and they think Albertans are rednecks?’)This is a very disturbing story and now I am VERY curious to know how that little shit has already been punished. Sounds more like her dad has been punished for trying to protect his little girl.

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