On the 38th Anniversary of my Father’s Death

Today is the anniversary of my dad’s death.  He died at the age of 38 which means he has been dead as long as he was alive. A whole lifetime has gone by and yet somehow it seems like yesterday. That’s grief for you though—it refuses to obey the dictates of time. Here’s a pieceContinue reading “On the 38th Anniversary of my Father’s Death”

Filters: the difference between cool and uncool?

When I was in third grade, there was this kid named Maurice. Maurice had a habit of picking his nose and eating it and not caring who witnessed his indulgence in a little self-produced snack. To him, it was like scratching his head or yawning. He had this silly grin on his face that madeContinue reading “Filters: the difference between cool and uncool?”

A dab o’ separation

My nephew has been staying with us for a couple of weeks now, and is staying for a couple more. He is my youngest daughter’s age, and a little fireball of a kid. On most days, the girls and him get along famously. But after fourteen days straight of being together, well, let’s just sayContinue reading “A dab o’ separation”

Mom, I feel like I am never doing enough…

This is what my oldest daughter told me this week. It was after her busy day, when we only get home at eight o’clock after an hour and a half of ballet practice. She was lying in her bed and I was tucking her in. All of a sudden she whispers, “Mom, I feel badContinue reading “Mom, I feel like I am never doing enough…”

We don’t need any didication: a portrait of an alternative school’s Christmas cabaret

Ahhh, Christmas concerts. The combination of intense shyness, clumsiness and perpetual emotional turmoil proved to be a lethal comination for me whenever Christmas concert time rolled around. In parent(thesis) this is your life in Xmas concerts! Grade 5:Morning of the Christmas concert- receive 69% on a geography exam. 69%! The horror! The travesty of justice!Continue reading “We don’t need any didication: a portrait of an alternative school’s Christmas cabaret”