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Disturbing Kiddie Trends and Why I don’t like Sleepovers

Last weekend we had two of our daughter’s friends sleep over at our place. Usually I wouldn’t do that, have to kids over at once, mainly because I hate sleepovers which force you to deal with the random whims of … Continue reading

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A few astute political commentaries from my seven year old

Last saturday, I had an unintentional hypocrite day. In the morning, I finally made it out the Anarchist Book Fair, which I have been meaning to check out ever since I moved to this city. I went with my seven … Continue reading

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To my newly returned husband

Points of interest: 1) Notice that both children are still alive with no visible scarring. 2) Please remark on the relative cleanliness of the house. As you can see, when forced, I am still able to do the dishes. 3) … Continue reading

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This made me laugh

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A few observations

Titanic and the art of learning stuffMy oldest daughter did her presentation on the Titanic yesterday. She researched it herself, put it in Powerpoint format, asked me to correct it (actually asked me!) and even made tickets with her father … Continue reading

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4 minute post

I just spent the time I have to write (the whole fifteen minutes because I slept in for about twenty minutes) surfing the internet. Damn my RSS feeds. Damn them to hell. What do I have to say? Several things. … Continue reading

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Seven minutes to post

And it better be amazing. Genius. If I could just unleash my potential inner blogging potential, this could be the BEST POST EVER. Yeah right. For those of you who are worried that the commuting anxiety alas came true, or … Continue reading

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