A few observations

Titanic and the art of learning stuff
My oldest daughter did her presentation on the Titanic yesterday. She researched it herself, put it in Powerpoint format, asked me to correct it (actually asked me!) and even made tickets with her father that resembled the actual boarding ticket to distribute to her classmates. She did all this for about a month without me having to cajole her into doing it. She wouold eat dinner and say, “I’m going to work on my presentation now, Mom!”.
Sunday night, after spending some time correcting her presentation, I told her I was really proud of her and all the work she put it in. She said, “Do you know why I worked so much on it?Because I was interested.” And then she turned her back and went to sleep.

Absence of husband
J left last Wednesday to help his parents and sister with the Herculean task of getting their house ready to sell. Although I miss him (really, I do) it is I am really enjoying my last two hours of the day, the time in between when the kids go to bed and I go to bed. These are two hours that I can do whatever I want with. Unfortunately, left to my own devices, I choose to watch the first season of Grey’s Anatomy (I wonder if I will have the time to watch the second season before he gets back?)

I should have bought new running shoes about a year and a half ago. I run a lot and my old ones for sometime now, have not been much of a barrier between my foot and the pavement. Well, I finally got the piano untied from around my butt and went to buy a pair. I tried them out for the first time yesterday and felt like Hermes, messenger to the gods who flew on winged feet. I flew, baby. I flew.

Commuting update
People who drive huge trucks with KC lights are not likely to make room for you. If you do insist, they will override you in a scary and aggressive manner.

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