To my newly returned husband

Points of interest:

1) Notice that both children are still alive with no visible scarring.

2) Please remark on the relative cleanliness of the house. As you can see, when forced, I am still able to do the dishes.

3) Did I mention that the children are still alive?

4) There is a new garbage bag in the garbage can. How did it get there? Well, I replaced the old one, thank you very much. Yes sir, I can take the garbage out too (but it is better when you do it.)

5) Child number two is having a hissee fit at the moment. You will soon be home and can deal with it. But she’s still alive…

6) The turtle’s tank needs cleaning.

7) Yes, I am in the middle of the first season of Buffy the vampire slayer and yes, I am going to make you watch the rest with me.

That’s all.
Oh yeah. We missed you. Can you feel the love?

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1 Response to To my newly returned husband

  1. Majnoona says:

    Yay Buffy! I don’t have 1, but I can lend you some of the later seasons… Good times. And congrats on the unmarred children!

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