Seven minutes to post

And it better be amazing. Genius. If I could just unleash my potential inner blogging potential, this could be the BEST POST EVER.

Yeah right. For those of you who are worried that the commuting anxiety alas came true, or that I actually pissed off the psycho biker enough to come find me and my family, a shot gun slung nonchalantly but purposefully through the straps of his bike friendly pack, never fear. I am still here. And I am still alive. I think.

A few things I have learned about commuting in Montreal though (don’t tell me I’m not getting smarter):

1) buses ALWAYS have the right away. Even when they don’t. Why? Because they are bigger than you and will take it regardless.

2) Don’t piss off huge bright yellow Mac trucks by slipping into their lane that is moving faster and having to slow them down when you have to duck back into the right lane. They will unleash the power of the foghorn on you and come so close to your rear view mirror it will make the T-Rex in Jurassic Park look like he was on another island, comparatively speaking.

3) Make sure the brakes work. Which is why I am taking the train today. So that we can take the car to the mechanic and make sure the brakes work.

4) Repeat to yourself like a mantra or a Gregorian chant, Better late than dead, better late than dead, better late than dead….

Time’s up.

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