Why I think All Girls Should Read This Book

One of my favourite young adult writers is Libba Bray, and not only because she has the same initials as me, or because as my husband pointed out, if you squint your eyes her name resembles “library”.  She is not afraid to experiment with different genres- indeed her first trilogy was a wonderful 19th centuryContinue reading “Why I think All Girls Should Read This Book”

Miss Representation: A round table discussion with our girls

On Thursday night, J and I took our girls (along with a couple of friends and their daughters) to a screening at McGill of the film Miss Representation, a documentary about how women are portrayed in the media. It was hosted by Media@McGill and the Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies and it costContinue reading “Miss Representation: A round table discussion with our girls”

The Dark Side of "You’re So Beautiful"

 My sister came to visit with her son, her new partner and his daughter for a couple of weeks this summer. It was wonderful. She came on runs with me, would meet me at work and walk home with me. We would stop at our favourite café on Parc for some white wine and deliciousContinue reading “The Dark Side of "You’re So Beautiful"”

Campaign for leaving our kids alone

STOP! CEASE THE MADNESS! In a way, this is a sequel to my last post. I wrote about grooming- besides a daily shower a fresh pair of underwear and shirt and teeth brushing, I basically suck at it. But then I just read this article via Blogher (I am not sure how best to referenceContinue reading “Campaign for leaving our kids alone”

On advertising: Or how the devil shops at IKEA and probably dates Brooke Shields

I only really became susceptible to advertising after the birth of my daughters. Now this new found sensitivity manifested itself in two ways. The first was an obsession with the IKEA catalogue. If only I had the right storage compartments, the perfect sized plastic boxes for all of those oddly shaped toys I would beContinue reading “On advertising: Or how the devil shops at IKEA and probably dates Brooke Shields”