Christina and me or how to bring some of the joy back

Watching my daughters these last couple of months with their feverish anticipation of birthdays and other extremely fun activities, I realised that I just don’t look forward to anything anymore. All of a sudden, I am feeling the weight of my 32 years.The awareness that I am indeed,okay, wait for it, an adult ( theContinue reading “Christina and me or how to bring some of the joy back”

Fable #2-The sequel

The Smug HusbandAfter losing her wallet, the woman called her husband to tell him that she was stranded and could not pick up the kids from daycare. A short time later the husband stomped down into the children’s department followed by his wife. She was not crying anymore, but the expression on her face wasContinue reading “Fable #2-The sequel”

To call in sick or not to call in sick?

It’s official. I have a major case of the February Fuck its. I called in sick today not because I was actually ill, but because I was sick and tired and could not face the world. I got the kids to school, came home and wandered aimlessly around all morning not knowing what to doContinue reading “To call in sick or not to call in sick?”

Why I am a Wire Monkey Mama

This summer, while visiting some friends in Peterborough, I heard the story of the experiment involving baby monkeys. The monkeys were given a choice of a wire monkey that was hooked up to a milk supply and a plush one (I can’t remember if she was attached to a milk supply- hang on, maybe IContinue reading “Why I am a Wire Monkey Mama”

On advertising: Or how the devil shops at IKEA and probably dates Brooke Shields

I only really became susceptible to advertising after the birth of my daughters. Now this new found sensitivity manifested itself in two ways. The first was an obsession with the IKEA catalogue. If only I had the right storage compartments, the perfect sized plastic boxes for all of those oddly shaped toys I would beContinue reading “On advertising: Or how the devil shops at IKEA and probably dates Brooke Shields”

Green Boots & Old Man Sweaters

When I was a kid, I used to say that I wanted to grow into a doddering old woman who walked around with her hair dishevelled, wearing rubber boots and her dead husband’s cardigans. Well, I just realised that I may be reaching my goal faster than I thought. Perhaps for psychological reasons best leftContinue reading “Green Boots & Old Man Sweaters”